In the following playlists, you can find worked-out video examples of several topics, covering control systems, electrical machines, electric circuit analysis, and electronic noise.

Root Locus Design Method – Controller Design


• Root Locus Equation

• Analysis and Design of P, PI, PD, and PID Controllers

• Analysis and Design of Lag, Lead, and Lag-Lead Controllers

Circuit Analysis Using Fourier Series


• Fourier Series and Coefficient for DC and AC Signals

• Electric Circuit Response Analysis using Fourier Series

• Decomposition of DC and AC (harmonics) using Frequency Spectrum

• Dissipated Power, Filtering, and Rectifier Design  using Fourier Series

Deriving the Transfer Function from Bode Plot


• Reading Bode Plots (real poles, real zeros, and complex poles and zeros)

• Transfer Function using Asymptotic Lines on Bode Plot

• Non-minimum Phase Systems

• Gain Peaking and Complex Poles

• Pure Integrator Pole

AC Motors – Induction & Synchronous Motor


• Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit Parameters: DC Test, No-Load Test & Blocked-Rotor Test

• Synchronous Motor Equivalent Circuit Parameters

• Back EMF, Torque, Phase Voltage, and Line Voltage

• Power Factor Correction

Noise Analysis Electric Circuits


• Noise Analysis Resistive Circuits

• Noise Analysis Op-Amp Circuits (Single-Stage and Multi-Stage)

• Noise Analysis Instrumentation Amplifier Circuits

• Noise Analysis Photodiode Amplifier Circuits

• Noise Reduction using Averaging