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Electronics and Electrical Circuits

• Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s laws
• Thévenin Theorem and Norton Theorem
• Superposition, Mesh Current, and Nodal Analysis
• Digital Electronics
• Frequency Domain Circuit Analysis
• Op-amp Circuits
• Noise Analysis of Op-amp Circuits
• Semiconductor Devices: BJT, FET, and Diodes
• Passive and Active Filter Design
• Analog IC Design

Electronics 1

Semiconductor Physics
• Semiconductors, Metals, Insulators
• Energy Band Diagrams
• PN Junction, BJT, MOSFET
• Low-Level and High-Level Injection
• Ambipolar Transport
• Breakdown and Leakage
• ESD and Latch-up

Semiconductor Physics

Feedback Control Systems

• Mathematical Modeling
• Transfer Function and Block Diagram Models
• Transient and Steady-State Response Analyses
• Root-Locus Method and Design
• Frequency Response Method
• Control Systems Analysis in State Space
• Differential Equations of Physical Systems
• Signal-Flow Graph Models, State Variable Models
• Laplace, Fourier, and Z-Transform
• PID, PI, PD, Lead, Lag, Lead-Lag Compensation
• Stability, Nyquist plot, Bode plot

Control Systems 2

Mathematical Modeling

• Bond Graphs
• Lagrangian
• Euler-Lagrange Equations
• Hamiltonian
• Modeling of Physical Systems